CAD & Custom Development

Our talented team of designers offer a full range of services
to meet your brand’s image and vision.


  • Custom Print Development

    Original artwork is created from start to factory-ready finish. Our
    versatile team can work in a variety of mediums and styles to get the look you want.

  • CAD from Vintage

    We can digitize your vintage so that it is ready for your manufacturer.

  • Edits to Existing Artwork

    Didn’t get the original print from us? No problem. We can take what
    you have and help you rework the layout, colorways, indexing etc.

  • Edits to a Purchased SPS Print

    Scale changes and up to 3 colorways are included in the sale price. A price estimate can be provided for layout and repeat edits.

  • File Set up & Tech Packs

    We can work with you on Pantone matching, tech packs, layouts,
    and file formats needed to help your manufacturer print your garment or product successfully.

  • We offer competitive pricing based on your project and needs. A quote can be provided upon request. 

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