Runway Trends Reference Guide: Volume 1

3 Top Trends We’re Seeing

Interested in what’s trending, but exhausted by the idea of looking through pages and pages of images? We get it. And we got you covered. We’re constantly researching trends and we figured we should help out and share what we find! So, with that in mind (we made a rhyme), welcome to the Reference Section of our studio! This blog series we’ve created can be your guide to the latest trends on the market. Pretty nifty, eh?

Since summer is here, we thought we’d feature a few trends that really highlight those summer vibes. We all want to get outside or get away at this time of year! Whether the interest lies in brightening your day, dreaming of travel, or enjoying nature, these designs keep that in focus.

Top Trend 1: Bold & Beautiful

Finding joy is an important practice right now, and we’re all about that joyful expression! Luckily, so is the runway. Bright colors and fun patterns are a known mood booster. So it’s no surprise that people are currently turning to designs like these to cheer themselves up and embrace that summertime feeling. Tropical pops, funky tie dye effects, and candy-colored stripes are the perfect companions to hot temps and cold drinks.


Top Trend 2: Wanderlust

When life gets overwhelming, our instinct is to go far, far away to rest and reset. But the opportunities to do that right now are still somewhat slim. While the state of the world is starting to offer us more in the way of actual getaways (and, boy, are we excited about it), we’ve managed to find a few ways to get a taste of that feeling sooner. Wanderlust is strong in us all right now. So it comes as no surprise that we’re seeing this as a significant trend.


Top Trend 3: Cottagecore

Familiarity, comfort, and sentimentality. Can we say ‘whole mood’? Timeless color palettes, botanical details, and cultural influences are merging together these days to bring a nostalgic and natural feeling to the fashion world. Intertwining leaves and floral motifs give off a cottage garden vibe, while stitched and woven elements create an eclectic, handmade feel. Vintage whimsy is here to stay awhile. Grab your picnic basket and check out our take on this trend.

We hope Volume 1 of our Runway Trend Reference Guide was a fun and helpful read for you! Have you noticed these types of prints trending as well? Which trend is inspiring you most? Leave us a comment below! We’ll be back with more of our trend boards soon. In the meantime, check out our Instagram for more print goodness!